La Sirene – Saisonette

Some fine bottle art

The wife licks her lips, stops a moment, looks at the far wall, and states “Nahhhh” after having a sip of Saisonette before walking away. Her loss I guess, because a 750mL bottle is designed to be shared. My gain then, because this is a great beer.

The first thing that strikes me with any La Sirene beer is the bottle art, which is always sensational. In this instance, we have a long haired, robed female perched atop a small rock surrounded by what I assume is ocean, gazing in the distance towards my 4 o’clock. A more glamourous, artistic, Little Mermaid. Musty oak, apple and pear greet the nose as the vibrant straw liquid glows out of the glass, and the bubbles race to the top. The flavours are a kaleidoscope of this that and the other – straw, lime, floral, yeasty (especially as I disturbed the yeast at the bottom of the bottle, leading to lots of floaties). It’s sweet, with a dry finish, and the cabronation keeps it feeling light.


Loving this beer. Its light and refreshing, and I’d be drinking it out in the sun if I hadn’t been sunburnt just two days earlier. And at 3.8% ABV it doesn’t tip me over the edge. Bravo to La Sirene, another quality saison in their stable.

Drunk: from the bottle

La Sirene – Saisonette

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