3 Ravens Brewery – Dark

Smoked beers aren’t for everyone, but I for one love them, even though they’re a rare commodity on the market. The peated malts combine with some hops can give a beer a great, smokey flavour. And so it was when a good mate gifted me a bottle from the brewery he works at – 3 Ravens. Based in Melbourne, their footprint in the NSW market is fairly small, meaning my exposure to them is limited. This is one of his favourites, so it’s got a bit of a reputation to stand up to.
Dark (seems strangely named when spoken just like that. ‘Dark beer’ would work in a sentence much better) pours a cloudy brown, with big bacon aromas floating up off the liquid. It retains a smokey flavour in the mouth, but is also joined by a chocolate sweetness, which just about retains balance with the rest of the beer. It’s a little thin, which is my one criticism of it – something a bit more thick and chewy in the mouth would go down a treat. Or on nitro! Now there’s an awesome proposition! 

This is a quality drink which I’d highly recommend. It’s sweet, without being too sweet (just). It’s smokey, without being too smokey. It’s this flavour which is the real winner – it lingers for a long time in the mouth. Now off to find some more smoked beers!

Drunk: from the bottle

3 Ravens Brewery – Dark

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