Stockade Brew Co – Fallen Angel

dsc_18921Describing a chilli mocha pale stout throws up a whole load of variables to get the drinker thinking. How hot is the chilli going to be? A pale stout? More chocolate or coffee? These were exactly the questions running through my head when I was perusing the label of Stockade Brew Co’s Fallen Angel (sent to me by the brewery – so a big thanks team!)

The answer lies within the glass itself, the first of which is the “pale stout” equation. It’s pale alright, and an absolute stunner at that – bright, cloudy orange, with a smooth white head. Lovely stuff! On the nose there’s a whole whack of coffee, with the slightest of chilli undercurrents. In the mouth, coffee again is the strongest element, along with some orange, and a light coffee driven bitterness. The chilli is there, but it’s only very slight in both flavour and kick, unlike other chilli beers I’ve tried which set my mouth alight. It sits thin in the mouth which isn’t a characteristic of some of the better stouts, but this is no normal stout.

Stockade Brew Co have thrown up a real doozy in this beer, with it giving off an appearance which is nothing like its flavour, but somehow retaining a solid balance of flavours throughout. For that the brewers certainly deserve some kudos. But for me, I’m not sure I’ll go back hunting for this beer. It’s good, no doubt about it, but I don’t know what this beer is trying to be, which makes me wonder when I would want to drink it again. If I want  a refreshing pale ale-type drink, I’d prefer to get a stock standard pale ale. If I want a warming stout, I’d prefer a stock standard stout. But each to their own.

Drunk: from the bottle

Stockade Brew Co – Fallen Angel

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