Mountain Goat Beer – Captain Amylase

GABS is frequently the birthplace of new beers to the market, especially those that push the envelopes of their style. The basic premise is this – each brewery attending the festival must create a new beer specifically for the festival. Occasionally, the breweries will bring their festival beer out as a limited release, which is the way I was able to get my mittens on Captain Amylase, Mountain Goat Beer’s entrant to the festival for 2016.

To the eye this is a porter. Deep brown, off white puffy head which laces the glass down to its final drop. From here its certainly rum, rum, rum…and porter. On the nose there is this spirit scent, plus some roasted dark chocolate and vanilla. It’s a complex beer in the mouth, with rum flavours at the back of the mouth, sweet vanilla and coconut at the front, and a little smokiness all throughout from the roasted malts. It’s a fraction thin, but still very smooth to drink – I’d expect nothing less from a porter.

As with most GABS’ beers, Mountain Goat Beer have really thought outside the square with this one. The porter character is straightforward, but it’s the addition of the rum which unsettles the apple cart. It works, and works even better as a winter warmer, but I’m not sure I’ll rush back to the bottleshop for another one. The rum is too strong, and slightly disrupts the balance of the beer mine. A good beer for sure, but not a winner for me.

Drunk: from the bottle

Mountain Goat Beer – Captain Amylase

One thought on “Mountain Goat Beer – Captain Amylase

  1. That sounds downright awesome! I’m always happy when these crazy experiments for festivals like this are released to the public. We have a festival like this in Vancouver that is called “Farmhouse Fest” that is wild Ales and saisons only. Breweries must be invited and almost everything is a one off. Some reall cool one offs have been bottled because of this festival.

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