Cavalier Brewing – Imperial Stout (2015)


There are few things more warming in the beer world than imperial stouts. Sure, a freshly kegged IPA makes beer geeks weak at the knees, and a lager can refresh like nothing else on a stinking hot day. Imperial stouts on a cold day do the same thing. They make the drinker feel immediate warmth, and provide a blanket of comfort against the chill from the outside world.

So if there was a script that Cavalier Brewing’s Imperial Stout needed to work to, then that is it. It’s a really attractive drink when it’s poured into the glass, basically demanding to be drunk, with a jet black body and a creamy tanned head. It’s got burnt coffee, chocolate and dark fruit aromas on the nose, before a sweet vanilla, raisin, and burnt chocolate flavour, which caps off dry with a late bitterness. A very good beer to get you thinking and that’s just when it’s out of the fridge. Patience is the key with this stout, as drinking it slowly it only seems to get better, with the vanilla in particular getting much stronger.

I only purchased a single of this, but I know I’ll be back at that bottleshop soon and will have to pick some more up based on what I’ve drunk. This is a smashing drink, that stays balanced all the way through. It’s no blow your socks off imperial stout, but it’s certainly one of the best flavoured and balanced 8% ABV beers I’ve had, and it only gets better as it warms.

Drunk: from the bottle

Edit: picked up an additional two bottles

Cavalier Brewing – Imperial Stout (2015)

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