Mountain Goat Beer – Surefoot Stout

When they were acquired by Asahi last year, many people
were concerned Mountain Goat Brewing might go down imagethe path of Matilda Bay. But it doesn’t seem to have happened – their core range is still their core range, and they still produce limited releases (a sure sign the parent company isn’t meddling in their little brother’s wares).

I can’t comment on any impacts on quality, but I can talk about Surefoot Stout of their core range, which I picked up a four pack of recently. It’s vessel is a slick looking can with some smart design sprawled across it. Surefoot Stout pours deep brown with a tanned head, and has oily and roasted aromas. It’s milky sweet in taste with some roasted coffee flavours also, not too massive in flavour overall (though not dull by the same token) and retaining a decent balance throughout. It’s mouthfeel is perhaps it’s greatest quality oily, smooth and a slight thickness giving off that warm fuzzy feeling.

Yeah, this is no big, Russian imperial stout, infused with coffee beans from a hipster, inner city coffee roaster. But like a 200 game NRL back rower who’s never played representative football, it’s honest and knows it’s place. It has a solid balance all the way through and is an easy drinking stout. What makes it great is also the cost, at about $13 for a four pack, it’s represents great value for money.

Drunk: from the can

Mountain Goat Beer – Surefoot Stout

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