Stockade Brew Co

I received a message a short time back from Stockade Brew Co (via my Instagram account) for my contact details so they could send me a sample of their beers for me to try. Free beers?! I’m never one to turn these down, so I was happy to oblige!

Information is few and far between, but from their Facebook page their based in Narellan in Sydney’s west and was established in 2013. Good to see craft beer venturing to new parts of Sydney’s geography, though I’m sure part of this can be attributed to the steep prices which appear to be crippling the city’s real estate. Their beers have only just started popping up in bottle shops, so good to see their distribution is starting to gather some pace (or I haven’t seen them previously).

A couple of weeks after the original message a four dsc_0110.jpgpack arrived on my back doorstep, all wrapped up in bubble wrap with some precision. Three of their core range, and one special release. All are good beers with some very nice flavours, but I wouldn’t place any at the top of their styles.

Chop Shop (Pale ale)
Vibrant amber in colour, with aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. Flavours of thick sticky pine and tropical fruit hops, with a caramel malt backbone. Good balance to these flavours, and with some more bitterness, it could be an IPA. This was my pick of the bunch.

dsc_0102.jpgThe Sesh (Golden session ale)
Expecting a light, golden, bubbly pour from a golden ale, this was everything but – it was deep amber in colour. Pine and grapefruit aromas greet the nose, pine, grapefruit, burnt toffee and resin flavours greet the tastebuds. A bit thin in the mouth and refeshing, but wouldn’t call it sessionable. Two at most would suit me well. I think this beer is more amber ale in style, not a golden session ale.

dsc_0107.jpgDuel (Hoppy lager)
With a dull orange aroma and pouring golden in colour, Duel had toasted malts and fruity, hoppy flavours. A great example of the style, crisp and refreshing, one that I good would happily kick back and have a six pack of.

Peachy Keen (Gose)
The only beer not a part of their core range, it pours a lovely cloudy golden orange colour. Not much on the nose. Tart and salty, hint of peach, apricot and a small bitter kick. Not my favourite style, but nails the brief well

Stockade Brew Co can be found here and here

Stockade Brew Co

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