Exit Brewing & Kaiju! Beer (Collab) – Schopsh

Exit Brewing and Kaiju! Beer are two brewers I have a lot of time for. Exit have only come on my horizon in the last six months, but I’ve been very impressed with the consistently high quality of their beers. Kaiju I’ve enjoyed for a little longer, and have developed a reputation for hopping their beers to the wah-zoo. It should be a good collaboration, even if the name, Schopsh, sounds like a Russian profanity.

wpid-aviary_1440834913380.jpgBut the name is not just a mis-match of letters, rather a hint to what this beer actually is – Exit Brewing’s Scotch Ale, combined with Kaiju’s trademark, a whole lot of hops. When they share the same brewing facility, I guess it’s easier to think about and team up for these collaborations, but it could also be one of those experiments after a couple of cleansing ales that just worked.

Because it does work. Very well. It looks stunning, pouring a bright copper with a foamy white head. The hoppy scents boom as soon as I open the bottle, pine, resin and some earthy aromas looming large. The hops continue there dominance in the mouth, with some pine, leafy and floral flavours. There’s also a brilliant smoked malt backbone which breaks through superbly, helping to balance the hop flavour. The flavours are rich and all combine well to provide a really funky tasting ale, that also isn’t too bitter given the amount of hops which appear to have been ploughed into the mixer.

It’s created with “lots of malts and hops!”, and it’s not hard to see why. The hops are obvious, and massive on the nose and in the mouth. But dig deeper and there’s the wonderful malt flavour, which seems to complement the hops perfectly. Schopsh is a little different, but it’s also a quality beer, especially for those that loves loads of hops in their beer!

Drunk: from the bottle

Exit Brewing & Kaiju! Beer (Collab) – Schopsh

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