Murray’s Craft Brewing Co – Wild Thing Chocolate

Angry Man and Whale Ale have a seemingly permanent place on the shelves at all bottleshops these days, however there’s more to Murray’s Brewing Co then these too approachable numbers. More in fact, which span the expanse of the beer style guide – including some thick and juicy stouts. Cat woman adorns the label of Wild Thing Chocolate, a chocolate version of an imperial stout of the same name. I can’t say I get the connection between beer and cat woman – but that matters little when the beer is so great.

I was only able to try half of this beer as the missus took a liking to it and had her fair share. This is also a reliable indicator of how good it is. It pours a deep black, with a thin light brown head. There’s not a huge amount doing aroma-wise – chocolate, berries and nuts is about it. The flavours are where the party is at though. It oozes chocolate,wpid-img_20150826_211201.jpg with some roasted malt flavours and blackcurrants to back it up. There’s a big sweetness, medium bitterness plus some boozy flavours too. What’s more, it’s thick in the mouth, fitting into the stout style like a glove.

Wild Thing is exactly what it says on the label – a chocolate imperial stout, and it is undoubtedly the best beer I’ve ever had from Murray’s. Heck, if the missus keeps going back for a sip of a beer which would not usually be up herĀ alley, it must be good!Ā It oozes big chocolateĀ flavours, is thick in the mouth and looks a picture. I’ve had a number of dark beers this winter, but this is certainly up there with the best of them.

Drunk: from the bottle

Murray’s Craft Brewing Co – Wild Thing Chocolate

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