Holgate Brewhouse – Brick Kiln Wheat

Brick Kiln Wheat sits as part of Holgate Brewhouse’s back catalogue, which, based on my previous experience of a beer in this catalogue, is not a comment on its quality. I’m not well tuned to the world of dunkel weizens, so this is a new experience for me. Google Translate tells me it means dark wheat in my native tongue, so I guess that gives me a decent pointer towards the flavours I should be expecting.

It pours a deep brown (Google wasn’t wrong), and also comes with a load of sediment brick kiln wheatwhich I managed to disturb pouring it into the glass. An abundance of aromas come up from the glass, in the shape of biscuit, toffee, chocolate, vanilla and a hint of smoke. Chocolate leads the way again for the flavours, supported by vanilla, wheat, a hint of pine and some smokiness. It’s a bit thin in the mouth, but this is to be expected of a wheat beer, meaning it loses no marks in that respect.

Brick Kiln Wheat would go well in the Victorian highlands at this time of year, the area which Holgate Brewhouse calls home. It might not quite be a stout, but it very much falls into the winter warmer category, with some rich chocolate and vanilla flavours leading the way in what is a beer with really good balance. I’d love to have another crack at this, but next time with some chocolate mud cake dessert. I think that’d be a really good match!

Drunk: from the bottle

Holgate Brewhouse – Brick Kiln Wheat

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