Brewcult – Milk and Two Sugars

I had a taste of this at GABS recently, and was suitably impressed, as were many others – it took out the People’s Choice award. I was then even happier when I discovered it in the bottle at my local bottle shop. Milk and Two Sugars is made with “espresso and cold steep coffee” – I think this is hipster for “it’s coffee”, but regardless of which type of coffee it is, it’s been blended dam well to make a dam fantastic beer.

Pouring a deep brown, this has coffee written all over it, starting with the coffee aromas, which wouldn’t be out of place in a cafe at 8 in the morning. It’s brimming with coffee flavours and bitterness in the mouth too, before this subtle sweetness comes through to nullify the bitterness. It’s a really slick feeling beer in the mouth, with hardly any carbonation to speak of, making it easy to roll the liquid around the tongue and enjoy the flavours.

Brewcult have nailed it again, this beer is brilliant and so creative. The subtle sweetness at the back of the mouth provides a really nice balance to the bitterness which strikes early. The larger bottle was also an improvement on the 300mL serve I received at GABS. It allowed me to sit on the beer and really enjoy it, with no concerns about the beer warming up – the coffee flavours remaining strong and enjoyable, if not better, as it warmed.

Drunk: from the bottle

milk two sugars

Brewcult – Milk and Two Sugars

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