Lobethal Bierhaus – Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

I don’t know much of Lobethal Bierhaus, but if it’s name is anything to go by, it sounds like a grand old place to visit and sling back some decent beverages (I’m thinking wooden carved German architecture set against rolling hills). They’ve brought out a barnstormer of a winter drop if ever I’ve come across one, Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, perfect for a chilly evening in the Adelaide Hills where they base themselves.

Pouring a deep brown, this is a very thick looking beer. Chocolate, raisins and oak aromas are picked up on the nose, before transcending into a myriad of flavours in the mouth. And what a delightful taste it is – chocolate, booze, oak and nuts all combine, but it’s the sweetness that dominates. The chocolate hangs around nicely on the palate, before finishing with a dry bitterness.

This beer does what it says on the label – it’s a sweet stout. With the emphasis on sweet, almost to the point that it masks most of the other flavours which are in the mix. An undoubtedly good stout and winter warmer all the same, with balanced aromas and some good flavours. But it’s not for those who don’t enjoy their beers’ sweet, which I found a little overwhelming at times. I don’t think that will put me off tracking this down again – it would go perfectly with a beef casserole on a chilly winter evening.

Drunk: from the bottle

loebtahl stout

Lobethal Bierhaus – Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

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