Wolf of the Willows – ISA Saison

I have an indifferent relationship with saisons. On the one hand, flavours ooze out of them wotw saisonwith such complexity that they always get me thinking and fill me with enjoyment. On the other hand – I don’t find them as refreshing as other styles, lacking the “aaaah, beer” factor which most others have. However, I still like them as a beer, but they’re more the “sit down and pair it with food” type, rather than a “sit down and crack a cold one” type beer.

Wolf of the Willows’ ISA Saison pours a cloudy golden yellow, with a big white puffy head – a gorgeous looking beer indeed. Apple, pear, lemon zest and yeast aromas waft from the nectar. A peppery bite leads the flavours, along with some apple tartness and hint of oak. A high amount of carbonation and peppery flavours means it jumps about on the tongue a bit, but I’ve found that’s nothing unusual for the saison style.

Any saison with a peppery taste to it is going to score well in my books. Wolf of the Willows have taken that pepper flavour and mixed it with the tartness to create a dam fine, well balanced drink. For a first crack at this brewery, I’ll certainly be going back for more.

Drunk: from the bottle

Wolf of the Willows – ISA Saison

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