Nomad Brewing Co – Sideways Pale Ale

Sydney’s northern beaches is an area bulging with new brewers supporting long time residents 4 Pines. One of these is Nomad Brewing Co, makers of the Sideways Pale Ale, who’ve only been in the brewing game under twelve months. Not sure what the relevance of “sideways” is, but at only 4% ABV there won’t be any sideways action incurred with just the single bottle by my side.

The beer pours a cloudy, dull orange, with bugger all head. Citrus and grain are the dominant aromas, supported by leafy and dank notes – a big improvement on what is not the most inviting looking beer in the glass. Citrus and pepper kick the flavours off before a piney bitterness and a dry crisp finish. It feels a bit sharp on the tongue, but there’s a really nice flow to the flavours which are well balanced throughout.

This is a really enjoyable, that absolutely nails the style – something which I highly approve of as it’s my favourite style. Sideways has Australian pale ale written all over it, with some lovely citrus the start of the really well balanced flavours. It’s refreshing, and would also be exceptionally sessionable under warmer temperatures.

Drunk: from the bottle

nomad sideways

Nomad Brewing Co – Sideways Pale Ale

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