Edge Brewing Project – Ashes Two Mashes

ashes two mashesPushing the boundaries of styles is certainly a trend in the craft beer world. GABS was an example of that – banoffee pie tasting beer, and carrot in a beer were two which really pushed their respective styles to the extreme. So wattleseed in a stout? Why not? It’s an interesting combination. I’d see wattleseed being an experimental ingredient more suited to the pale ale style, but I like the ambition this ingredient and style combination provides.

Ashes Two Mashes (cool name) pours black and highly carbonated, with a white head which vanishes soon after pouring. Wood and pine aromas waft up from the liquid, but neither are terribly strong. Thankfully, there’s a bit more going on in the flavours. I was able to pick up some grass, nuts, resin and toffee flavours in the mouth, followed through by a not too overwhelming bitterness. My one criticism was that it sat a bit thin and watery in the mouth – I prefer my stouts thick and heavy to match the cold winter weather.

This was my first crack at Edge Brewing Project – and they get a pass mark. This was an honest stout, but nothing more. Aromas and flavours weren’t huge, but there was a good balance and flow throughout. I couldn’t quite get the wattleseed flavour, but there was some grassiness to the beer which it may have contributed too.

Drunk: from the bottle

Edge Brewing Project – Ashes Two Mashes

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