Feral Brewing Co – Boris

I once had a cat named Boris. Striped from what I remember. He ate cat food andboris lazed around a lot I guess, I was only two years old at the time. But this beer is no cat. If it was, think more wildcat than domestic. A 9.1%ABV imperial stout no less, courtesy of Feral Brewing Co, a brewery I have a lot of time for.

This is a big, black beer, which pours with a thin light brown head. Coffee, port, oak, cherry and chocolate aromas greet the nose, giving the impression of a rich chocolate winter dessert which has been doused in alcohol. Smooth chocolate and resin flavours and a big boozy taste are in the mouth, along with a light bitterness. These big and boozy flavours are assisted by a thick and oily mouthfeel, which allows the tastes to really linger on the palatte.

This is a big, hair-on-the-chest sort of beer, even out of something small like a 330mL bottle. It’s so alcoholic and the flavours are really strong that it becomes very intimidating after a time. But, despite it being intimidating, it is undoubtedly a great beer, a real sipper on a winter’s night, and one which I’d gladly sip it down again should the opportunity arise.

Drunk: from the bottle

Feral Brewing Co – Boris

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